A very merry PIGSquadsmas

Just posted the events that I’ll be hosting for the Portland Indie Game Squad‘s 2012 December!

First off, there’s our open-forum general meeting, at which attendees will be having in-person discussion about upcoming events, Global Game Jam 2013, our own projects, and anything else that needs to be brought up indie-games-wise.

The next evening, we’ll be having another boardgame night! Our first one was held last Monday, and everyone had a blast – about 25 people attended and brought about eight games in addition to the selection that The Side Door had already provided, there’s a great food and drink selection at the venue, and Mondays are dead so we almost had the place to ourselves! I also brought my first-person-shooter boardgame – FiercePeg Shootout – which I’ll be testing again at this upcoming boardgame night after having fixed a few mechanics from last week!

The Monday after, we’ll be revisiting The Side Door for our first ever half-jam! I had been considering whether December should entail a PIGSquad-hosted movie night, a pitch party, or a number of other evening-long events, but I was most excited by my idea of a half-jam, which is a scaled-down game jam where participants focus on concept work to bring a game’s basic structure to fruition, exploring gameplay mechanics, concept art, story, mood, scope, and marketing in a more rudimentary brainstorming setting, aiming to come up with a design document rather than a full game. It’ll be a lot less of a time investment, a lot less trouble for me to find a venue, and a lot less technical than a full-fledged jam, so I hope a lot of people of varying skill levels can make it and come up with some awesome game ideas!

See you soon, I guess ;D


Last Day at the Failsafe Shop!

So today was the last day that the Failsafe storefront was open. To commemorate the year we had, we threw a huge party last weekend at Pioneer Pub in Oregon City, and it turned out to be a blast. We invaded one of the regular EDM Sunday nights that’s hosted by DJ Downpour and accented by Maltron and Gnarkill, threw out free shirts/beer/fake mustaches/stunna shades, and danced the night away! It was a great way to see the store off with a bang, and we’re super stoked about the stunna shades idea because they turned out to be DOPE.

So yeah, it was a fun year. As I’ve said in the past, I learned a lot, we made some sick stuff, and had fun while it lasted, but we’re making the right move by moving out of a storefront we don’t need. Online outlets will be up and running soon, which you’ll hear about when we announce something on the Facebook or update the website or whateverr. Always feel free to let us know if you need any ‘o that sweet sweet swag, and we’ll see what we can do!

I’m also writing this while at Global Game Jam 2012, which we’re currently just over half way through with at 25 hours. More on that after the fact, but, in case everything goes to shit for whatever reason, I must say that everything’s been going very well thus far!

Joust & GGJ

Straight to the good stuff: “Johann Sebastian Joust” was introduced to quite a few of us at the previous PIGSquad meeting, and we were able to play for awhile when we were through with businessy stuff. I’ve been super stoked on posting video for it, but the game’s unreleased and I was told to hush until the time was right. Whelp, time’s right. Here’re some s00per classic moments from last month’s meeting!

Also, I’ve opened up registration for the Portland’s faction of Global Game Jam 2012, which I was asked to run after having led the 2011 Halloween PIGJam. For those unaware, a Game Jam challenges developers to create a playable game within a 48 hour period based on a prompt delivered at the beginning of said 48 hour period. After having run a PIGSquad specific one in Halloween, Corvus Elrod of PAGDIG (Portland’s IGDA sect) asked me to take over this year’s GGJ, so I’ll be hosting at the Art Institute between January 27th and January 29th! If you’re interested in participating in GGJ this year, follow these instructions to register! I’d also appreciate help, so comment on this post or get in touch with me otherwise if you’d like to help out in any way!