Bloggin’ for a year.

Just got a notification that this blog’s been active for a year! Here is a self portrait of my self. Because I don’t have anything else on standby to share.



Happy Fingers + PAX Prime

Pfwhoaman, I was working on this animation called “Happy Fingers” like two or three years ago. I just rediscovered it and the assets actually look really good. It was a funny project, too, but I was a dumbass and wanted to do a 20 second rotoscoped easter egg and the whole thing just kinda fell apart. I should finish what I had started… I think I have every single thing ready (even sound), but none of it’s assembled.

I AM going to PAX Prime this weekend, though. Gotta finish the PIGSquad @ PAX shirts, hopefully finish the fear-prompted game (working title is now “The Hallway Is Dark, And I Am Afraid”) that Yori and I are coming so close to completing, and get a little bit of promo stuff for Space Eulogy done so that I can refer people back here if they’re interested in what I’m working on. Looootsa stuff to do beforehand, but this weekend will be so fun (and I haven’t even had a chance to get stoked about what panels there are and such!).

Also just hosted a Game Jam and co-hosted a game tournament, proceeds of which go to OHSU cancer research. Had a great weekend, but it was supremely busy and this whole week will end up being the same way.

To arms!

Moving along with our “Fear” videogame #GJContest8

As I mentioned earlier, a friend and I are working on a game for a gamedev competition.

I’ve been working all day on monsters, animations, and other important things (like the above superdope floral wallpaper that I’m so proud of). I’m excited because this will be the first videogame I will have actually finished – I’ve started a bunch and even have complete sprite sheets for some, but they’ve unfortunately never come to fruition. The above screenshot is especially cool because it looks so different from what each of these sprite elements look like on their own. Looking at a game in its entirety is so cool – the visual/auditory coordination seems impossible to pull off when you’re first starting to work.

Of course everything seems so doable when you’re conceptualizing and coming up with all of these great ideas. And said great ideas are totally doable if they’re worth pursuing, but once I draw a sprite with no shading in the midst of no background and without animation/audio context, everything looks dull and doodley (which is cool if that’s what you’re going for, but we’re going for “fear!”). I’m glad this week-long deadline is forcing me to work really hard and long at some of these things, because putting them all together in a tiny little sprite assembly like the one above is so worth it. When I’m animating the boy, I can get a great sense of who he is via how he moves, how he holds his flashlight, what he’s wearing (those lil floppy socks), etc. But when I see a screenshot like the one above, I get the big-picture interactive sensory overload that games are all about. And look at that; all of a sudden, we’re telling a story!

Here’re some little update screenshots I took periodically before completing what was necessary for the above picture. You see what I mean when I say that you’re just getting a one-sided story without much wholesome immersion.

…back to work! I might update one more time before we finish on Sunday evening!

its my birthday animations

I can see what search terms people use before clicking on my blog, and an astounding amount are “its my birthday animations,” “Facebook birthday flash animation,” “flash animation for my birthday,” and the like. I thought, “hell naw, I’ll jist give ’em what dey wann!”

So here is what you want, searchers of Google:

So there you go, you birthday blog-clickers; no more looking at the post about my birthday that just HAPPENED to have animation in it. And the snowman one has nothing to do with birthdays. I was just thinking it’d be cool to animate a snowman sweating in the midst of a campfire.