Hawkin Dos. Probably switching from WordPress soon.

Hey ho I haven’t updated dis here blog in sooooo long. All started with my imgur account filling up and asking me for a subscription (+ me not wanting to do anything about it), then PIGSquad and Pixel Arts stuff started picking up again. I do have some cool creative content to post, but the imgur situation plus the fact that I feel super disorganized using WordPress isn’t helping. I’m thinking of running with Tumblr based on some things that I’ve heard about it, so maybe I’ll get some more creative stuff up and running soon.

In the meantime, I did the album art for Dos‘s recently-released album “Hawkin,” released via cmdlife. Give it a listen and give the art a shout if you dig!

Hawkin Dos


September is/was a busy one..!

Phfewew! That is the sound I will make come October first. The third sentence of next month’s Portland Indie Game Squad invite reads, “At this meeting, we’ll be revisiting PIGSquad’s September activities, including the OMSI Mini Maker Faire, XOXO Arcade, the recent Jane McGonigal lecture, the Mechlo/Tonight We Launch chiptune show, the September Art/Code Night, and the Portland Retro Gaming Expo!” That is a lot of stuff for one month.

S’been great, though! Many positive experiences. XOXO Arcade put me in touch with a few indies and their awesomely elusive traveling games (play Joust, BaraBariBall, or Nidhogg if you ever get the chance, as it will probably be the first/last time they’ll even be available for you to play). Disasterpeace performed that evening and we were able to hang out at the arcade afterwards.

That was the same weekend as the OMSI Mini Maker Faire, where PIGSquad had a table featuring numerous members’ projects. We were written up by Geek Dad here and were able to generate lots of interest for local games, chiptune music, games education, and Yono – a collaborative pixel art project currently in its Kickstarter phase! My personal favorite part of the exhibition was PIGSquad’s make-your-own trading cards, which ended up being hilariousss. The event as a whole also went much better than any other exhibition I’ve ever planned; it was a phenomenal experience to work with such organized, enthusiastic, and responsible members. We were pitching each others’ projects, had a great looking setup, and managed to provide something for everyone. Great experience.

And from that, we march forward to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo this coming weekend after a PIGSquad Art/Code Night, where we have more games and game-related projects to show off to a more focused crowd. Got a banner on order and contingency plans at the ready after having experienced our weekend at the OMSI Mini Maker Faire; we’re gonna fly through this one (NOTE: JOKE. WHEN PIGS FLY. Y’KNOW?).

Just uploaded some great chiptune stuff from the Chipworm Birthday House Show this past weekend onto YouTube as well. Watch the below video and click on the YouTube link for two more performances on my channel!

Soyah, damn. Lots of stuff going on; next month seems like it’ll be slow in comparison, though we’re planning a Game Jam and panel discussion that will fit into each other and launch a greater effort to support the game development movement here in Portland. Talkin’ big stuff. I’ll be glad to isolate something like that and sanction it to its own month.


Mayhem PIGJam weekend ‘n MOAR

Pfwhew, lotsa stuff has been going down of late. In addition to hosting PIGSquad’s Mayhem PIGJam this past weekend, I was interviewed for my friend’s show “Frope, it’s NOT Saturday,” I recently had a meeting about a music jam a friend and I are planning, I made a bunch of music, and I’m getting way too into the thought of animating things to throw on Newgrounds again! Gawdaym. And my car has to get a new fuel pump. Gawdaym.

Other than finding out my car felt all schloopy at the end of the weekend, the Mayhem PIGJam went well! There were around 43 of us there, I believe there were 9 teams, and everyone either got a good amount done, got a game engine up and running, or finished something! I was working on a non-Jam game with Chris and Matt, and I got a few tracks (project and non-project related) done. Click on this lil link right here to see some of what others ended up pumping out, stay posted for the official Postmortem (which’ll take place a liiiiittle ways down the road…), and here’s a bit of what I worked on that weekend in the meantime!

I’ve also been super inspired by watching some old and new things by popular Newgrounds artists, and I miss the prospect of making something out of nothing for all to see (and maybe even admire..!), regardless of how crappy it looks. Idk. Newgrounds just gives me that feeling – I’m a huge fan of goofy/stupid and more intelligent humor alike, and I feel that Newgrounds creators explore so many different realms of humor and skill to create a very whole and appealing experience. And of course there are all walks of life errwhere ya go, but it seems to all accumulate on Newgrounds, so it’s so easy to find great or not-so-great stuff (both of which I need). IDK. I’ve been uploading Bullet William tracks up in dat bitch lately, so, even though they’re the same thing on my Soundcloud, you should ship your shit over there to give my tracks a listen with the neat little “loop” feature and give ’em a mighty rating! I also started a new Facebook page that I’ll start actively pursuing once there’s a bit of content on it.

Scorecery and Frope stuff is/was cool, too. I met with Nick to discuss the Scorecery music jam and go over site layout and such, and we’re thinking that we’ll have something ready for September/October. So that’s cool. And my interview on Frope was cool, too, but the rest of the show and the musical guest were definitely the highlights in my opinion – show was funny, musical guest was unique and awesome! You can watch and/or download it here 😀

So yeah. Anyways, yeah. I think that’s all that’s happened in the past week.

Dos Art

Mah friend Dos recently released a chiptune album, and I did the art! It was a super cool day of drawing and conceptualizing. He gave me a few of the tracks-to-be to listen to for the purpose of coming up with something appropriate (I feel this is especially fitting for “Valkyrie“), and I came up with this!

It’s the first time I’ve really done something like this, and it was a great experience. For awhile now, I’ve been really interested in building portfolios for things that I do. That’s been hard to do because I never tend to finish anything or work on something that I’m interested in calling a final project despite the fact that I’m pretty comfortable with what I do with music, art, writing, event coordination, etc. Not sure I would put something like this in my portfolio because of issues I have with the space above the running man’s head and his indiscreetly large right hand and etc etc bleh bleh blooo mblehh, but y’know. Y’know. I think it’d be interesting to have a portfolio of wallpaper/media cover art images, even if I made things like that for existing media. DeviantArt stat shit. Y’know. And voice acting/event/music reel? Fork yeah. Y’know.

SO ANYWAYS, right before I got started on the Dos art, I thought it might be cool to get screenshots entailing a progression of how I came to what I came to. SO HERE IT IS. HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER AN IMAGE FOR MAD DEETS.

So yeah! Boom and all that! Hope to do more ‘a this sometime soon. In the meantime, here’s a new STTG! Super happy with the brutal ending ;D

9 New Tracks!

Just got home from a weebitty vacation, where I just played a bunch of videogames and wrote a bunch of music!

Here’re some’a my favorites from the weekend:

“Final Battle”

“Skullworthy Casino”

“Kawazi Cave”


“Forgotten Forest”

I had an idea awhile ago for a game music competition and I’ve been super inspired to pick that idea back up after having gotten back into making music and finding software that allows me to do that… more details to come on whether or not something like that will come to fruition anytime soon, but, until then, listen to my stuff, and please leave comments/follow my account depending on what you think of it!

And tonight’s the Portland screening of Indie Game: The Mewvie! Hoo hah!

Back in Traction (plus 8bit music)

So, man. After having that weird pain in my feet and then just generally getting reacclimated to doing things and stuff and the like, I’m feeling kind of normal again!

Despite my previous debilitation, a lot’s happened since my last post – there was a PIGSquad general meeting, a PDX Film Collective meeting, the PIGSquad GGJ Postmortem, a new PIGSquad website set up, etc etc etc. I also picked up the arcade cabinet that we’ll be tearing apart for the purpose of making a PIGSquad arcade cabinet for Ground Kontrol!

Over the past few days, I’ve been making a lot of music with Beep Box! I get super frustrated every time I attempt to learn a new interface for sequencing, so I’m happy that this awesome (-ly simple) music making app’s come out! I made a SoundCloud with what I’ve made so far, so check it out and let me know what you think!

These are some of my favorites so far:

“We Fly While We Sleep”

“Demon Holds a Door”

“Lost in Guarder’s Ghost Town”


Porkland Chiptune Showcase 02/2012

I curated PIGSquad’s February Porkland Chiptune show this past Friday night, and it was a blast! We hosted Paul Owens of 2 Player Productions, Ovenrake, Operation Mission, Plain Flavored (with a bit of Spamtron), and Mechlo (in that order). Dos hooked up his Commodore 64 for a majority of the show’s visuals, and away we went!

We were moderately screwed into a late start/early close time slot, and the audience (which was greatly influenced by Operation Mission and his efforts) showed up fairly late, but it ended up being a very successful show – we had about 80 people show up, people had a great time playing with the Com64/Genesis visuals, we had a load of super talented performers, and I saw quite a few people that I hadn’t seen forever!

I also got a bit of video!

So yeah! It feels great to see support for all of these great/super talented d00ds while having good ‘ol partytimes in the meantime. I’d love to put so much more effort into a project like PIGSquadRadio to raise further awareness of these guys’ efforts (as well as selfishly listen all of der time), but I’m focusing much more on things like Space Eulogy and spending more social times with all’a deez cool people. AH WELL, we’ll do another one soon!