Back in Traction (plus 8bit music)

So, man. After having that weird pain in my feet and then just generally getting reacclimated to doing things and stuff and the like, I’m feeling kind of normal again!

Despite my previous debilitation, a lot’s happened since my last post – there was a PIGSquad general meeting, a PDX Film Collective meeting, the PIGSquad GGJ Postmortem, a new PIGSquad website set up, etc etc etc. I also picked up the arcade cabinet that we’ll be tearing apart for the purpose of making a PIGSquad arcade cabinet for Ground Kontrol!

Over the past few days, I’ve been making a lot of music with Beep Box! I get super frustrated every time I attempt to learn a new interface for sequencing, so I’m happy that this awesome (-ly simple) music making app’s come out! I made a SoundCloud with what I’ve made so far, so check it out and let me know what you think!

These are some of my favorites so far:

“We Fly While We Sleep”

“Demon Holds a Door”

“Lost in Guarder’s Ghost Town”



Working on Space Eulogy + mAnY tHiNgS

I think it’s about time to essplain via Bloggy McBloggerson what my Space Funeral-related project is.

I’m developing Space Eulogy, the JRPG prequel to Space Funeral. I received permission from thecatamites to produce the game about a year ago after having played SF, the style of which I fell in love with and the story of which inspired me to expand on the canon. If you want to read about how the story pans out and stuff (and be a super dumby boring-head), I wrote a wiki so that I wouldn’t have to explain plot elements to other people who are working on it.

I started/finished that wiki up the day of a PIGSquad Art/Code Night that I hosted last week at the NW Lucky Lab, and I’ve been trying my best to complete certain other aspects of pre-dev stuff day by day. So far, after having worked out the basic plot, central characters, and the central characters’ backstories, I have a few non-pivotal characters mapped out and some more gameplayish stuff laid down. The party members all have at least three classes to choose from (the character “Mmm” has five), there are approximately 55 enemies and 12 bosses that I’ve divided into 14 leveling tiers, and Donny and I have defined quite a few gameplay elements regarding stats/level caps/encounter frequency/etc.

Regarding the team so far, I’ll be doing the main project development, writing, art for the prologue, and art for battle scenes; Donny will be doing stats and battle design; Jamey will be coding; and Wolfgang will be doing tile and NPC art. I’m excited to start working with everyone else soon (hopefully in the beginning of March), and I’m glad that the wiki’s all laid out beforehand.

With regard to MaNy ThInGs, I’ve been busy and worried and stressed and enjoying myself and all’a that over the past few weeks. The Lucky Lab meetup was fun/relaxing/helpful after having experienced a fairly depressing PDXFC meeting, where we explored some of the more hopeless corners of short film distribution (which has become our topic of the month as a result). There’re also quite a few big events coming up, such as this month’s chiptune show, Barcamp at the end of March, our hosting the Indie Game: The Movie screening, ‘n all that. I’ve decided to make my series “So There’s This Game” a Thursday-ly thing due to these commitments and other reasons, such as the fact that I’m going to burn myself out with zero audience if I do something like that twice a week.

Oh, but speaking of the CHIPTUNE SHOW, it’s THIS FRIDAY and it’ll be REALLY FUN. HAGEN made a REALLY COOL POSTER for the EVENT.

I’m done.

January 2012 PDXFC Meeting

Last Sunday’s PDX Film Collective meeting was awesome! Sasha, Anthony, and I have been meeting super consistently as a leadership team to delve further and further into what it means to become a nonprofit corporation, and I’m very impressed with how organized we’ve become. In addition to being in the middle of writing bylaws/contacting venues for events/coming up with some great marketing opportunities, we nailed our previous meeting by being prepared and in sync (AKA N’SYNC).

We invited local filmmaker Justin Alpern to give a presentation on the filmmaking workshops he’ll be offering to the Collective in the near future, and he gave a quick 2-point lighting demo/showed a short to further demonstrate that he’s a great guy who knows what he’s doing. Members Ben Mercer and Josh Lunden then showed their short film, “Thieves,” which I still hadn’t seen (though I was on set at one point), and we continued on with the regular meeting. Afterwards, my first film teacher and continued friend Kelley Baker (AKA The Angry Filmmaker) stayed behind for some conversation. The flow and structure of the meeting was a wild success in my opinion, and I’m stoked to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic, fun people (and filmmakers I GUESS).

Went to my friend‘s EDM Sundays at Pioneer Pub afterwards, and I’m glad that Logan and I will be throwing some Failsafe moving parties in that setting on the 22nd and 29th. That’s right, we’ll be having a bit of partytime since we’re moving out of the Molalla shop at the end of the month! Follow us on Facebook ‘n schtuff for deets ‘n all that..!


Quick OMSI After Dark Post-Mortem

Heyo! First post in my stupid new narcissism habit.

Last night was my second time hosting at OMSI’s After Dark event, which is a 21+ night at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry with extra vendors ‘n schtuff. The theme of the night was “DIY,” so the Portland Indie Game Squad was asked to return, and I scored a booth for the PDX Film Collective. We had a good time, met some good people, and all that.