Politics really worry me.

I really hate reading about Romney.

My friends tend to be liberal. I see screenshots from those meme-spreading “LOL-A-DAY *fart noise*” Facebook pages entailing wall-post screenshots showing “how stupid a Bible-thumping friend is,” or “how ignorant my Republican friend is,” and I honestly never ever see arguments like that go down on my Facebook feed. The only issue I see being argued about from the Conservative side regards gun control, which is definitely an insanely tough one – if no one can legally own guns, those who illegally gain access have the advantage regarding other illegal activities, but if everyone can legally own guns, homicide goes up for various reasons (which may even match rates if firearm ownership were made illegal – we don’t know!). Other than that, I just see “advocacy” (in quotes because I’m not one for posting something on Facebook and saying I did something about anything) from more Liberal users. Abortion, gay rights, tax cuts/middle class, women, all that, over and over, 24/7.

That being said, gatdam my information sector is one-sided. Is there a place to go to line up campaign promises/presidential term facts side-by-side and do some comparison? Surely someone must serve The Realm rather than swearing allegiance solely to the Lanisters or the Starks. And I ask because every single thing I see about Romney is total bad news. I understand what people want by voting Republican – lower taxes, independence from government, ownership. I just don’t understand why people want to buy a huge truck and have more rooms in a house than they know what to do with because they have more money from lower taxes, why people are too proud to think that they’d ever need help from a government organization, or why “being paid your dues” through respect or payment following ownership is that sustainable of a pride booster! I know that I’m on track to something huge with PIGSquad and other endeavors, and I know from experience that I would be further along if our infrastructure was beefier due to a bit more taxation (education/government agencies/even road quality, at a very basic level), that one NEEDS help in order to become successful (if you make a huge-scale videogame alone, you still need people to play it – if you are running for president, you still need people to vote for you), and that I’ve benefited so much from open source/pay-what-you-want/donated works and labor. And those are just three quick big issues I have with the generic Republican archetype. Lower taxes, independence from government, ownership. And that’s how I’ve experienced them.

Going along with how I have or would have benefited from the implications of higher taxes, a larger government, and a tendency to balance what is private and what is public, Wolfgang shared this article about Romney wanting to get rid of arts funding programs today, followed by an anecdote: When Winston Churchill was prime minister and he was told that they were going to have to be major cuts in arts and culture because of the mounting costs of world war II, he responded with a simple reply: ‘Then what are we fighting for?’

And that’s what I have to lose from someone like Romney: my livelihood. I want to make my living making and teaching about art, which leads to essential real-life skills in problem solving, design, entertainment (I’d argue that boredom/lack of outlets cause instances of crime/depression/etc.), communications development, business, and on and on and on. Without these artists, the things that people use for “more” practical matters wouldn’t even exist, and the ideas, inspiration, and work put into these inventions are always the result of some sort of community, sharing, and support (or, to put them into the terms I’ve been using and alluding to – socialized community resources and infrastructure dedicated to the betterment of everyone involved). And yes, in that parenthetical aside I use the word “socialized,” but yes, I’m with John Wayne when he digs the idea of a welfare work program. I’m not a fan of people sitting to the side and slacking off, either, which is why I believe that those people don’t deserve much if they’re fully capable and choose to dupe the system. Which alludes to two points – one, that “job creators” and tax breaks should not be associated. You get more and more compensation, growth for your business, and personal gain the more and more people you hire; why should you be allowed an additional compensation for doing something that benefits you more in the first place..? And two – “people don’t deserve much if they’re fully capable and choose to dupe the system.”

Romney goes to office and I’m no longer fully capable. I’m sick (we’ll leave it at that), and I need health insurance. Say Obamacare gets killed. Even if I make the money to afford my health, and even if I’m “cured” and have to make payments on hospital bills, would my 22-year-old self be capable enough to fulfill my currently on-track plans to make a living making and teaching about art? Nope. I’d be spending all of my time working to pay for things, living a life supplemented, but not accented by my passions, what I’m really good at, or what I know to be a way in which I can help the development of an art form. My aim is to benefit an inspired community that can sustain itself financially and socially, hopefully influencing the future of technology and communications. And I don’t care if someone thinks that I’m dreaming too big and couldn’t possibly accomplish this – they don’t know what I know, who I know, and how I know it. All y’all are just going to have to trust me (or you could just look at what I’ve been doing for the past 2 1/2 years and/or look at my calendar for the next six months).

And going back to the Winston Churchill quote, does cutting healthcare (therefore supposedly cutting taxes) really give everyone a better life..? I mean, why do you need that extra tax money (if it even ends up that people pay less taxes after having cut Obamacare… that’s another debate)? Is it something survival-related like security? How much security do you need, and isn’t having health care way better than having a few extra bucks saved away, property, or luxuries like a new TV/car/whatever? I’ve seen relatives and family friends with booming construction businesses become so adamant against higher taxes and yet lose everything when the economy crashed, and they lost it because they spent their untaxed dollars on a new truck every year, threw huge parties, developed their property to cater to a wealthy crowd, and buy their kids expensive gifts (again with the trucks). I just don’t understand this mentality, and I totally get why these people lose everything. And what if they had become sick with a chronic illness? I know this is totally one-sided because it deals with my own experiences, but for what reasons other than security do people feel they should hang on to those extra tax dollars for the sake of school budget cuts, bad roads, understaffed government agencies like the Small Business Development Center, and poor healthcare? And do these reasons really outweigh these costs? Is it really just a matter of favoring immediacy and luxury over investing in a sustainable and survivable future?

All right, /rant. Long story short, this stuff scares me. I know where I’m going, but it’s a complicated situation – I can’t get there if I spend my time truly advocating and really doing things to ensure that the United States Government travels in a direction that will help further my goals (or at least not hinder them), and I can’t get there if I spend my time making up for the things that the United States Government (as well as the lack of government) does to hinder my goals. I have to keep moving forward with my community organizing, because gatdam I’ve been active. Developing videogames, organizing and hosting events, building business relationships, educating myself about business, working to financially support myself, and tending to countless personal issues takes a lot of time. And teaching/encouraging others to become full advocates that do rather than say or idealize what they know to be right takes even more time. I just hope everything can work out in a way that lets me accomplish what I want so that I can use my accomplishments to give others what they want.

I’m also interested in what people have to say after having read this. Please leave a comment with a counterpoint/question/answer/whatever if you found this interesting at all. As I mentioned earlier, my views are the way they are because my information is usually so one-sided (me seeing no possible positive outcome from a potential Romney presidency, for example), so I’d like to hear a different opinion. I’d also like to hear from anyone in similar situations or from those who are interested in collaborating!