Been Awhile… NobleLie/G4SG/ohman

I have not been keeping up on this blog like I’ve been meaning to! Luckily, I was super inspired this morning!

But first, past news.

A third Sunday ago (the 17th), I submitted “The Noble Lie” to Attack of the Flix, that monthly awesome impromptu film screening that goes on at the Curious Comedy. Awhile ago, my friend Eric was getting ready for a jazz recital and he wanted me to animate something for him that would play on the projector behind him; in about 6 hours, I whipped something up without prompt, which he used as a backdrop to music that was “composed” only about twelve hours after I sent it to him (most of it was all improv – he [sax] and his guitarist just had a conversation about what key to be in and when, as prompted by the animation). I totally didn’t expect the music to come out the way it did, but I was super pleased, especially due to the fact that it was improv (which I can’t pull off at all). Regarding the animation, I had this idea awhile ago, the semi-point of which was to simplify my work on _Decay. This was a much different experience, though, because I’ve only ever composed imagery to music, and Eric made the music to my imagery instead. I wanted to repeat elements and keep everything as simple as possible so that he could write his performance for the next day as quickly as he needed to, and I wanted to keep focus on his work rather than mine due to the nature of the actual performance. Overall, I’m super stoked that it turned out the way it did! Didn’t win anything at AotF, but I want to do it again soon!

I’ve also been super busy with PIGSquad – in addition to having an Art/Code Night (with around 23 attendees..!) and witnessing Ed test his boardgame prototype for Starship Rex, a bunch of us attended our friend Jeffrey‘s event “Gaming for Social Good.” The purpose of the event was to explore ways in which games/gamers/gamedev can influence a greater good with an emphasis on how games can aid in achieving the goals of nonprofits, and explore we did. If you’re interested in pursuing an event like this, there will be more in the future, and Jeffrey has made a Games for Change Facebook Page to allow people to share their personal explorations and notify others of upcoming Gaming for Social Good type events. I’d personally like to see more specific issues tackled, where nonprofits have more of an idea of what’s going on and gamers are more clued in on the needs of those nonprofits. Should be seeing something like that soon!

So yeah, those are pretty much the big things that are going on right now. I’m currently on a to-do rampage after neeeeding to start up Majora’s Mask. I’m just SUCH a fan of the color scheme and overall graphical quality of that game… I want to make horrible polygonal characters so badly, but I gotta start small. Working on some Space Eulogy and e-mail and design stuff today!


Thnx freddiew; there’s no excuse

After having a super d0-nothing (at least artistically/moving my life forwardly) week, I woke up this morning to this AMA by freddiew. It’s always inspiring to read “there’s nothing that’s holding you back/there’s no excuse” and “practice practice practice,” because I lose sight of those two pieces of advice way too often. There really is nothing holding one back technology- or skill-wise (unless you suck ass). It’s the future ‘n all that, and all of this stuff is horribly convenient to get your hands on and there’s a horrible amount of time to take advantage of that. Xept it’s not horrible. Just the amount is. Shit’s huge.

I think the one thing that really holds me back is lack of involvement with other people. Yeah, of course there’s PIGSquad/PDXFC/mbleh bleh bleh, but I’m talking about true “partners in crime” kinda shit. And mentor kinda shit, too! I always feel so motivated when I hear “there’s nothing holding you back” and “practice practice practice” from someone who you know is genuine and who’s doing genuinely well, but it’s so rare that people enjoy sharing their success, even in their powerful words. Like, professors at University would say SOME stuff like that, but it never seemed genuine… By the time I was out ‘n graduated, I really had the feeling that a majority of the professors who taught me for an extended period of time were just there to be there. Weren’t really passionate about teaching, but they may have enjoyed tenure and their ability to do research for the rest of their lives. Of course, there were some who had worked in really awesome professional production fields and came back to Uni to spread the love, and there were some who are just wayyy too awesomely focused on their topic and want to share it with others (in the midst of hearing what they have to say), but man, such a vast majority were so uninspiring. That coupled with a lack of a sort of “partner in crime” – there are a lot of people I can connect with very well individually, but most are either out of town or too busy, or I get too distracted by shit that’s not important and forget about these awesome people that I have the ability to be around. I know that a lot of that is a concern with trying to secure some sort of security in my life (AKA da monay), but I’m also aware that I’m a fuckin’ weirdo. BUT, I’m also getting a lot better at staying motivated AKA not staying up til 23952 ‘o clock doing dumb shit on the computer and waking up feeling like a pile. But, but but buuut but.

But yeah. I feel good right now, and I want to make games and animate shit and do fun thing and yeah. Also, you should watch freddiew’s stuff because it’s really great! Boom!

Attack of the Flix #002

This past weekend’s Attack of the Flix (new website ;D) was super inspiring! In addition to seeing an AnImAtIoN take first place, there was a slew of really awesome content! I’m still a little leery of meh stuff due to some of the movies that’ve been submitted in the past, but there’re a few new hard submission requirements that seem to be raising the bar with each and every show! This month’s event was perfect for me to have invited a few friends who hadn’t been before, and I can’t wait to see what people come up with for next month.

I voted for Chef Antonio, A Hip Hop Minute, and… that… Febreeze one (or something). I’ll have to post Hip Hop/Febreeze in the comments of this post when I find out where I can see them online.

I really appreciated Chef Antonio for its animation quality and the upbeat universe in which it took place. The rhythm of the characters’ motions was super fun and happy, and the motions themselves were so extremely well done (Matt Dan knows what he’s doing). In retrospect, I feel that the story was a cliche, but I’m also realizing that I didn’t think of this until just now – the short kept a strong hold on me for the duration of its screening, and I really really enjoyed it! I couldn’t help thinking of the setting in the middle of it, though; simultaneously thinking “animation” and “restaurant” will forever make me think of how tedious it was to complete the layers in The Story of a Bullet during the Blackout Burger scene. I admire Matt not only for his skill as an animator, but also for his patience in the midst of assumed said tediousness. My individual projects have only experienced a fraction of the 1,500 frames he set into motion, and he worked with multiple voice actors (one of which happened to be a past teacher of mine..!) to boot!

So yeah! I may/may not throw together a STTG compilation for the next AotF, I’m going out to promote the chiptune show tomorrow, and I hope to iron out most of the event plans for March 28th’s screening of Indie Game: The Movie by the end of the weekend! I was excited about something else, but I forget what it was. Hoo hah!

Attack of the Flix #001

Went out last night to Attack of the Flix, which is a monthly impromptu screening where filmmakers submit their short films at 7 and the audience views them at 8. It’s a really unique event because films are not screened beforehand (they could be ANYTHING [I witnessed a live birth via one once]) and filmmakers are awarded at the end based on audience vote. It’s also a great way to see a large variety of local shorts, whether that variety comes from medium, skill level, genre, subject matter, etc. I’ve seen wildly well-produced films, animation, mediocre bullcrap, reallyhorriblebullshit, OPB style documentaries, made-for-web content, and all’a that; there’s definitely a unique crowd that attends every month though the demographic is always expanding, which makes for a great time! I even placed 2nd a couple months ago ;D

The killer of last night was a silent short titled “Lover Boy,” which, very appropriately, happened to screen last and sweep up after anything that even could’ve been considered bad. I saw a lot of Tim Burton in it – the art direction plays with lots of whites and simplicities, but it isn’t rainy/depressing/bleak. It kind of provides a clean gothic atmosphere, which is accented appropriately by Camille Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre as the soundtrack and, as you see in the film, the subject matter. Give ‘er a watch:



Second place, which was also my second vote, comes from a parody series titled “Vancouvria” (parodying Portlandia, of course). Last night’s submission isn’t on the official YouTube account, and I’d like to link to that account, so here’s the theme song instead:


Last night’s 2nd place submission was their “Put A Flag On It” short, which should be on the account later today. Also, let me know what you think about this series if you watch a few of them… I personally hate Vancouver and have hearty lols in the midst of the series’s portrayals of Portland and Vancouver stereotypes, but maybe it’s just a local thing.

January 2012 PDXFC Meeting

Last Sunday’s PDX Film Collective meeting was awesome! Sasha, Anthony, and I have been meeting super consistently as a leadership team to delve further and further into what it means to become a nonprofit corporation, and I’m very impressed with how organized we’ve become. In addition to being in the middle of writing bylaws/contacting venues for events/coming up with some great marketing opportunities, we nailed our previous meeting by being prepared and in sync (AKA N’SYNC).

We invited local filmmaker Justin Alpern to give a presentation on the filmmaking workshops he’ll be offering to the Collective in the near future, and he gave a quick 2-point lighting demo/showed a short to further demonstrate that he’s a great guy who knows what he’s doing. Members Ben Mercer and Josh Lunden then showed their short film, “Thieves,” which I still hadn’t seen (though I was on set at one point), and we continued on with the regular meeting. Afterwards, my first film teacher and continued friend Kelley Baker (AKA The Angry Filmmaker) stayed behind for some conversation. The flow and structure of the meeting was a wild success in my opinion, and I’m stoked to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic, fun people (and filmmakers I GUESS).

Went to my friend‘s EDM Sundays at Pioneer Pub afterwards, and I’m glad that Logan and I will be throwing some Failsafe moving parties in that setting on the 22nd and 29th. That’s right, we’ll be having a bit of partytime since we’re moving out of the Molalla shop at the end of the month! Follow us on Facebook ‘n schtuff for deets ‘n all that..!