I’ve finally found an effective way to manage my time.

Hoo hah, I’m really getting stuff done. Despite my interest in a multitude of extracurriculars, I have so much trouble keeping focused and making sure that I meet my own deadlines. I try to come up with schedules for myself to make sure that I’m on track, and I’ve tried a looot of different things – “work on ____ for 2 hours a day,” “finish ____ by the end of the week,” “complete this to-do list by the end of the day,” “work on ____ until it’s done, then you can work on ____,” etc. Some straight up don’t work and some work for awhile until they start to trail off.

Lately, I’ve approached interests and necessities as a whole, assigning myself a variety of things that I should proooobably do each day and having myself work for a certain amount of hours (almost like a work day). After those hours have passed, I allow myself to really breathe and ignore the possibility that there may be something left for me to do before tomorrow; I mean, I did just spend 8 hours making sure that I’m caught up! Even more relative to a “work day,” weekends are freebies and I take 30-45 minute lunches.

Gatdam, this has really been helping me get to work and get a grip on making sure that I get enough exercise, keeping order and tidiness in work spaces, making sweet delicious progress on projects, and managing stress. I’m more stoked than ever to capitalize on (or get real and withdraw from) so many projects that have been coming for a long time, and I hope everyone enjoys results. Keep an eye out for SCHTUFF.


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