Happy Fingers + PAX Prime

Pfwhoaman, I was working on this animation called “Happy Fingers” like two or three years ago. I just rediscovered it and the assets actually look really good. It was a funny project, too, but I was a dumbass and wanted to do a 20 second rotoscoped easter egg and the whole thing just kinda fell apart. I should finish what I had started… I think I have every single thing ready (even sound), but none of it’s assembled.

I AM going to PAX Prime this weekend, though. Gotta finish the PIGSquad @ PAX shirts, hopefully finish the fear-prompted game (working title is now “The Hallway Is Dark, And I Am Afraid”) that Yori and I are coming so close to completing, and get a little bit of promo stuff for Space Eulogy done so that I can refer people back here if they’re interested in what I’m working on. Looootsa stuff to do beforehand, but this weekend will be so fun (and I haven’t even had a chance to get stoked about what panels there are and such!).

Also just hosted a Game Jam and co-hosted a game tournament, proceeds of which go to OHSU cancer research. Had a great weekend, but it was supremely busy and this whole week will end up being the same way.

To arms!


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