New Blog Labels and a Big Ol’ August PIGSquad Meeting

So I’ve been keeping a closer eye on this blog and working on much more Space Eulogy stuff. I feel keeping these habits will help me reach a bunch more end goals by the end of the month, and I’m happy to say that others may actually want that as well, as suggested by this screenshot of my blog’s search term/view log:

I want to continue doing birthday animation blogs and revealing more information about Space Eulogy. My first dedicated birthday animation post got about a thousand views from Reddit, and I’ve been getting regular daily views as it seems that companies have only thought to capitalize on the crowd that’s looking to wish others a happy birthday than the crowd that’s looking to proclaim that it’s their own. Search “MY birthday animation” and my blog is the first to come up! I just need to remember to watermark stuff and link back to other posts so that people look for more by coming to! I’m also working towards communicating more about the Space Funeral prequel, as people have been associating Eulogy and Funeral in their searches. Good news!

In OTHER good news, our last Portland Indie Game Squad meeting went very well – there were 30 people there and this month is going to be very busy and productive (as explained by my previous post)! The above picture is my first run-in with “Make Spaceship,” a very fun generative art app published by MMM Labs (aka Surya Buchwald) and demoed at the meeting. People were also able to playtest Jackson Lango’s Canvasser, and the PIGSquad Arcade Cabinet saw some progress as well!

More later!


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