its my birthday animations

I can see what search terms people use before clicking on my blog, and an astounding amount are “its my birthday animations,” “Facebook birthday flash animation,” “flash animation for my birthday,” and the like. I thought, “hell naw, I’ll jist give ’em what dey wann!”

So here is what you want, searchers of Google:

So there you go, you birthday blog-clickers; no more looking at the post about my birthday that just HAPPENED to have animation in it. And the snowman one has nothing to do with birthdays. I was just thinking it’d be cool to animate a snowman sweating in the midst of a campfire.


4 Comments on “its my birthday animations”

  1. Sir Mildred Pierce says:

    It took me a second to realise why it looked so strange to see stars in the middle of a snow storm.

  2. Henghost says:

    Make a birthday gif of a t Rex doing a backflip over a pile of jello

  3. […] to continue doing birthday animation blogs and revealing more information about Space Eulogy. My first dedicated birthday animation post got about a thousand views from Reddit, and I’ve been getting regular daily views as it seems […]

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