Mayhem PIGJam + Frope, it’s not Saturday

It is 4:10am (in the AM) and I’m chillin’ at the Art Institute of Portland for PIGSquad’s third Game Jam, the Mayhem PIGJam! There are 40 of us here in approx. 9 different teams developing games from scratch in a period of 48 hours! I’m not working on something Jam-related, but it’s still a game. A shoot ’em up, in FACT. Here’s a track I’m in the process of writing for the Rain/Lightning themed level!

Everyone else is doing well with their shizz. The prompt is/was different for each team ā€“ people drew from a pile of cards with mayhem-like words written on them, and these were their prompts. Implosion, Explosion, Destruction, Madness, Doom, Anarchy, Disorder, Mischief, and Turbulence were a few of them. Mayhem and Peace were the two “special” ones (which means nothing), but no one drew Peace! Ah well.

But chyeah! All ‘n all, things are going very well ā€“ I was extremely prepared in my presentation of the rules ‘n such, and it was a breeze getting teamless people to assemble! I actually wrote down stuff that I needed for tonight, like, a few days ago, which is an absurd amount of preparedness for me (ooh, “absurd” would have been a good prompt…). Chris, Matt, and I are still working through what we’re specifically doing for our game, though ā€“ I had no time to prepare any sort of notes for my actual project šŸ˜›

Also, heads up ā€“ I will be appearing on my friend’s internet Livestream show this upcoming 12AM. The show is called “Frope, it’s not Saturday” (I assume because 12am is TECHNICALLY Sunday), and Jesse will be talking with me about the shit that I do and stuff, including what’s going on at the Jam at the time. Tune in and watch me talk with 3 hours of sleep (I plan on sleeping from like 6am-9am this morning)!

Boogey down!


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