Thnx freddiew; there’s no excuse

After having a super d0-nothing (at least artistically/moving my life forwardly) week, I woke up this morning to this AMA by freddiew. It’s always inspiring to read “there’s nothing that’s holding you back/there’s no excuse” and “practice practice practice,” because I lose sight of those two pieces of advice way too often. There really is nothing holding one back technology- or skill-wise (unless you suck ass). It’s the future ‘n all that, and all of this stuff is horribly convenient to get your hands on and there’s a horrible amount of time to take advantage of that. Xept it’s not horrible. Just the amount is. Shit’s huge.

I think the one thing that really holds me back is lack of involvement with other people. Yeah, of course there’s PIGSquad/PDXFC/mbleh bleh bleh, but I’m talking about true “partners in crime” kinda shit. And mentor kinda shit, too! I always feel so motivated when I hear “there’s nothing holding you back” and “practice practice practice” from someone who you know is genuine and who’s doing genuinely well, but it’s so rare that people enjoy sharing their success, even in their powerful words. Like, professors at University would say SOME stuff like that, but it never seemed genuine… By the time I was out ‘n graduated, I really had the feeling that a majority of the professors who taught me for an extended period of time were just there to be there. Weren’t really passionate about teaching, but they may have enjoyed tenure and their ability to do research for the rest of their lives. Of course, there were some who had worked in really awesome professional production fields and came back to Uni to spread the love, and there were some who are just wayyy too awesomely focused on their topic and want to share it with others (in the midst of hearing what they have to say), but man, such a vast majority were so uninspiring. That coupled with a lack of a sort of “partner in crime” – there are a lot of people I can connect with very well individually, but most are either out of town or too busy, or I get too distracted by shit that’s not important and forget about these awesome people that I have the ability to be around. I know that a lot of that is a concern with trying to secure some sort of security in my life (AKA da monay), but I’m also aware that I’m a fuckin’ weirdo. BUT, I’m also getting a lot better at staying motivated AKA not staying up til 23952 ‘o clock doing dumb shit on the computer and waking up feeling like a pile. But, but but buuut but.

But yeah. I feel good right now, and I want to make games and animate shit and do fun thing and yeah. Also, you should watch freddiew’s stuff because it’s really great! Boom!


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