Obligatory Podcast and Stumptown Blog

Sew, I went to the Stumptown Comics Fest last Sunday and had a blasty mcblasterson. PIGSquad had a semi-table there, but due to miscommunication, I was not alerted of its presence until Saturday evening, so I just lumped some stickers on it on Sunday and left it at that. It was great to meet a whole bunch of cool comicers/videogamers/educaterrs/all that – I’ll have to post a blog reviewing some of the cooler shite when I’m not so hopped up on the thought of going to PAX and listening to this extremely funky fresh song.


PIGSquad was also confirmed for its third Game Jam, the Mayhem PIGJam, at the end of May. You should totally crash it if you’re able.

GUH, I’m way too stoked to be typing shit right now. I’ll have to publish individual blogs about all of this cray bunk later this week. WHAT I INITIALLY WANTED TO TALK ABOUT was this Dangerous Kids Podcast that I was interviewed for at the Stumptown Comics Fest. Listen for me between the minutes of 24:00 and 31:00! I panicked and dropped word of Space Eulogy, so now I feel that I need to start spreading a bit more word on it. Damn it.

Said podcast also reminds me that John and I guest-spoke on the AJumpsBShoots Podcast last, like, November or something. We give a kinda introductory talk into our opinions on indie games, PIGSquad, and all that. I’m actually surprised by how much my views have changed since recording that. They aren’t so outrageously different, but I’m much more driven/confident in certain areas, I feel more well versed in the scene, and bleh bleh mbheafsa. All that. Y’know. I leveled up or something.


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  1. nonoymanga says:

    Cute and the colors are lovely. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

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