Dos Art

Mah friend Dos recently released a chiptune album, and I did the art! It was a super cool day of drawing and conceptualizing. He gave me a few of the tracks-to-be to listen to for the purpose of coming up with something appropriate (I feel this is especially fitting for “Valkyrie“), and I came up with this!

It’s the first time I’ve really done something like this, and it was a great experience. For awhile now, I’ve been really interested in building portfolios for things that I do. That’s been hard to do because I never tend to finish anything or work on something that I’m interested in calling a final project despite the fact that I’m pretty comfortable with what I do with music, art, writing, event coordination, etc. Not sure I would put something like this in my portfolio because of issues I have with the space above the running man’s head and his indiscreetly large right hand and etc etc bleh bleh blooo mblehh, but y’know. Y’know. I think it’d be interesting to have a portfolio of wallpaper/media cover art images, even if I made things like that for existing media. DeviantArt stat shit. Y’know. And voice acting/event/music reel? Fork yeah. Y’know.

SO ANYWAYS, right before I got started on the Dos art, I thought it might be cool to get screenshots entailing a progression of how I came to what I came to. SO HERE IT IS. HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER AN IMAGE FOR MAD DEETS.

So yeah! Boom and all that! Hope to do more ‘a this sometime soon. In the meantime, here’s a new STTG! Super happy with the brutal ending ;D


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