Lots of PIGSquad Stuff! MusicComp/PAXPrep

I totally bombed the hippety boppity out of the PIGSquad forums with AWESOME stuff today.

Whenever I feel a bit uninspired, I think about how PAX is the coolest thing known to my face, and today thought, “Shit, PAX is awesome, but I pulled my goddamned hair out about PAX last year. So PAXXETY PAX PAX send me a FAX MAX WAX.” I’m happy that they didn’t turn out in any pictures, but I seriously had hives all over myself for each and every day of PAX Prime last year, and we all decided that it was because I spent the four sleepless days before PAX getting PIGSquad stuff like shirts, cards, bumper stickers, etc. ready for the weekend. BUT FUCK THAT.

So I posted a little diddy about people making recommendations for shirt designs. Something SICK will come out of it, I’m sure.

I then thought, “Damn poopa daddy ding dong, I need to make some business cards for myself and for any projects that I’ve released (perhaps Bullet William and Space Eulogy) by PAX as well. Wait. Maybe other people need that, too..!” So I posted this little snittley slag offering discounted graphic design services for the purpose of producing a logo, business cards, t-shirts, decals/stickers, and stuff like that for people who need to showcase themselves at PAX this year. Not only is that craip offered at a discount, but 80% of what I make from it goes to a PIGSquad general fund! If you’re reading this blog and want to take advantage of this, my offer’s open to you, reader, so hit me up via my e-mail address or Twitter or whatever other contact method you find via the “About” page on this site.

THEN I thought, “Whaaaapadooodashnabubulagoogadadoo, since I’m PIGSquadin’ so hard today, I should probably start working on building a team for the PIGSquad-hosted, Beep Box-endorsed Game Music Composition Competition!” So I did.

Boy, I am quite the scat man this evening.

No poop fetish here.


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