Sequelitis > Day-to-Day Upkeep

UGHHhhhhggggghhhh, Egoraptor came out with these amazing educational-esque videos describing game design elements and their successes/failures in relation to games and their sequels, and they are amazing (I just said that). They’re super insightful, funny, entertaining, passionate, and – to me – true. So many of the concepts explored in these videos are things that I admire so much about game design; I’ve picked up on them time and time again, and it’s so good to hear someone lay them all out in a structured, lecture-like setting.

And that’s just what makes these these videos so amazing to me. They organize these concepts in such an appropriately coherent manner, and I just want to watch them over and over again. None of the game design elements should be all too new to anyone who’s been playing for… their entire lives…. but just the way they’re organized in these videos, step-by-step… It’S gReAt!

For awhile, one of my big issues with developing Space Eulogy was my reservation about Space Funeral‘s existing fan base, and how this fan base would interpret a prequel developed by a totally different person. I’ve hurtled dat ‘ol hump as of awhile ago, but making Space Eulogy an ultimately entertaining, definable, and worthwhile experience will still require that I make a good game, as it stands alone and as it stands side-by-side with its inspiration (Space Funeral). I’ve explored all of these game design concepts brought forth by the Sequelitis series so many millions of times in my head, but I’ve never really organized them. I tend to explore just one single topic super thoroughly, and it’s hard to keep track of the other things you’ve observed and/or taught yourself when you’re in the midst of building your interpretations and perceptions of one specific little thing.

Sequelitis helps to collect all of these stray, yet complete, thoughts regarding so many important things about successful game design. And I want MY game to be a good sequel/prequel, of course!

In the end, I’m just posting this blog as a complaint. I’ve probably watched each in the Sequelitis series about four times each, but have yet to complete the sought-after task of sitting down quietly to take notes on all of the points that Egoraptor makes, taking advantage of the structure of the videos to eventually make my own prequel/sequel the best it can be! But alas, I am faced with the duties of PIGSquad Crunch Wrap Supreme, and that is not even a real thing 😦



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