PIGSQUAD DAY and other things

So yesterday was PIGSquad Day! As of yesterday, it’s been one year since the first Portland Indie Game Squad meeting took place, and it totally shows! There are about 20 of us who are showing up to a vast majority of events/meetings with a huge pool of irregulars who stop by/say hi every once and awhile, we’ve hosted chiptune shows, held OMSI exhibitions, met regularly every month, curated two Game Jams, etc. etc. etc.! So many of us are coming out with our first games (some our second and third) with the support of everyone in our great community, and it’s been a wonderful experience! Makes me want a GROUP PHOTO.

But alas. No group photo 😦

This past week, we helped host Indie Game: The Movie (a very very very very inspiring experience, to say the least), held a discussion about crowd funding and indie game projects at Portland’s Barcamp, and had a general meeting on our normal Sunday day day! After dreading such a busy half week and then thoroughly enjoying the whole thing, I’m super excited. Not only am I crawling with ideas – I’m ready to capitalize on so many projects. Space Eulogy, So There’s This Game (finally), Bullet William, Failsafe stuff, some album art for a friend, new business cards, the arcade cabinet, a music making contest… ETC.


What are you working on!?!?!?!?


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