Suck Week + STTG

RIGHT when I got back in the swing of things by working on Space Eulogy, finishing up the recent Porkland Chiptune show, starting a schedule for So There’s This Game, and getting an encouraging little Failsafe job, I got super sick and lost so much sweet delicious momentum.

This past Tuesday morning, I woke up with strange sprained feelings in my feet that made it difficult to walk. As the week went on, it intensified, and some episodes of swelling and pain made it so that I couldn’t walk or sleep. I’m feeling the best I’ve felt today, so I hope this tired/vague lingering feeling is the end of everything so that I can get back in the swang of thang..!

Until then, I’ve been at home either goofing around or very passively working on projects that allow me to remain stationary, such as So There’s This Game, which I have three episodes of now! Please like the Facebook page, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and tell me what you think via comment, “like,” e-mail, smoke signal, whatever!


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