Porkland Chiptune Showcase 02/2012

I curated PIGSquad’s February Porkland Chiptune show this past Friday night, and it was a blast! We hosted Paul Owens of 2 Player Productions, Ovenrake, Operation Mission, Plain Flavored (with a bit of Spamtron), and Mechlo (in that order). Dos hooked up his Commodore 64 for a majority of the show’s visuals, and away we went!

We were moderately screwed into a late start/early close time slot, and the audience (which was greatly influenced by Operation Mission and his efforts) showed up fairly late, but it ended up being a very successful show – we had about 80 people show up, people had a great time playing with the Com64/Genesis visuals, we had a load of super talented performers, and I saw quite a few people that I hadn’t seen forever!

I also got a bit of video!

So yeah! It feels great to see support for all of these great/super talented d00ds while having good ‘ol partytimes in the meantime. I’d love to put so much more effort into a project like PIGSquadRadio to raise further awareness of these guys’ efforts (as well as selfishly listen all of der time), but I’m focusing much more on things like Space Eulogy and spending more social times with all’a deez cool people. AH WELL, we’ll do another one soon!


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