Attack of the Flix #002

This past weekend’s Attack of the Flix (new website ;D) was super inspiring! In addition to seeing an AnImAtIoN take first place, there was a slew of really awesome content! I’m still a little leery of meh stuff due to some of the movies that’ve been submitted in the past, but there’re a few new hard submission requirements that seem to be raising the bar with each and every show! This month’s event was perfect for me to have invited a few friends who hadn’t been before, and I can’t wait to see what people come up with for next month.

I voted for Chef Antonio, A Hip Hop Minute, and… that… Febreeze one (or something). I’ll have to post Hip Hop/Febreeze in the comments of this post when I find out where I can see them online.

I really appreciated Chef Antonio for its animation quality and the upbeat universe in which it took place. The rhythm of the characters’ motions was super fun and happy, and the motions themselves were so extremely well done (Matt Dan knows what he’s doing). In retrospect, I feel that the story was a cliche, but I’m also realizing that I didn’t think of this until just now – the short kept a strong hold on me for the duration of its screening, and I really really enjoyed it! I couldn’t help thinking of the setting in the middle of it, though; simultaneously thinking “animation” and “restaurant” will forever make me think of how tedious it was to complete the layers in The Story of a Bullet during the Blackout Burger scene. I admire Matt not only for his skill as an animator, but also for his patience in the midst of assumed said tediousness. My individual projects have only experienced a fraction of the 1,500 frames he set into motion, and he worked with multiple voice actors (one of which happened to be a past teacher of mine..!) to boot!

So yeah! I may/may not throw together a STTG compilation for the next AotF, I’m going out to promote the chiptune show tomorrow, and I hope to iron out most of the event plans for March 28th’s screening of Indie Game: The Movie by the end of the weekend! I was excited about something else, but I forget what it was. Hoo hah!


5 Comments on “Attack of the Flix #002”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Here is a link to the Lysol parody you are thinking of (I think):

  2. scartheatre says:

    Found Hip Hop Minute!

  3. Benji M says:

    Ha, Chef Antonio is very cool.

  4. […] on a collaborative animation project the other day (working with Matt Dan, the creator of Chef Antonio) – made an 8bit song and Matt made an animatic for us to start working with after I refine the […]

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