Last Day at the Failsafe Shop!

So today was the last day that the Failsafe storefront was open. To commemorate the year we had, we threw a huge party last weekend at Pioneer Pub in Oregon City, and it turned out to be a blast. We invaded one of the regular EDM Sunday nights that’s hosted by DJ Downpour and accented by Maltron and Gnarkill, threw out free shirts/beer/fake mustaches/stunna shades, and danced the night away! It was a great way to see the store off with a bang, and we’re super stoked about the stunna shades idea because they turned out to be DOPE.

So yeah, it was a fun year. As I’ve said in the past, I learned a lot, we made some sick stuff, and had fun while it lasted, but we’re making the right move by moving out of a storefront we don’t need. Online outlets will be up and running soon, which you’ll hear about when we announce something on the Facebook or update the website or whateverr. Always feel free to let us know if you need any ‘o that sweet sweet swag, and we’ll see what we can do!

I’m also writing this while at Global Game Jam 2012, which we’re currently just over half way through with at 25 hours. More on that after the fact, but, in case everything goes to shit for whatever reason, I must say that everything’s been going very well thus far!


2 Comments on “Last Day at the Failsafe Shop!”

  1. Ameerica says:

    Where can I buy Failsafe clothing???

    • scartheatre says:

      We’ve just been doing vinyl stickers and custom orders since closing the shop. E-mail us at failsafeclothing at gmail dot com and Lowg can let you know what he might have leftover, or we can help you with a custom order..!

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