January 2012 PIGSquad Meeting

Quick post before bed. The PIGSquad meeting to precede the fast upcoming Global Game Jam 2012 had much to do with this weekend – we had quite a few new people show up to the meeting to ask about some Jam logistics, and I got some great feedback. Members are very interested in having suggested deadlines for the event, I was told to look out for data loss issues on the Art Institute’s computers, and there was a good point brought up about the resources necessary for the brainstorming portion of the first night (I’m not sure there’s as much whiteboard space as there was at the Halloween PIGJam). As of RIGHT NOW, there are 51 Jammers registered, and I have yet to make the suggested schedule for the weekend, solidify ideas for icebreaker activities at the beginning of the night, coordinate food help, figure out the keynote video, and figure out the upload process. Oof.

In other news, I’ve been making great progress on the Space Funeral project, and I still need to report in on how the Failsafe Moving Party went, which was held the same night as THIS VERY PIGSQUAD MEETING (dun dun DUN). More to come lata, I g2g2sleep.


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