Attack of the Flix #001

Went out last night to Attack of the Flix, which is a monthly impromptu screening where filmmakers submit their short films at 7 and the audience views them at 8. It’s a really unique event because films are not screened beforehand (they could be ANYTHING [I witnessed a live birth via one once]) and filmmakers are awarded at the end based on audience vote. It’s also a great way to see a large variety of local shorts, whether that variety comes from medium, skill level, genre, subject matter, etc. I’ve seen wildly well-produced films, animation, mediocre bullcrap, reallyhorriblebullshit, OPB style documentaries, made-for-web content, and all’a that; there’s definitely a unique crowd that attends every month though the demographic is always expanding, which makes for a great time! I even placed 2nd a couple months ago ;D

The killer of last night was a silent short titled “Lover Boy,” which, very appropriately, happened to screen last and sweep up after anything that even could’ve been considered bad. I saw a lot of Tim Burton in it – the art direction plays with lots of whites and simplicities, but it isn’t rainy/depressing/bleak. It kind of provides a clean gothic atmosphere, which is accented appropriately by Camille Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre as the soundtrack and, as you see in the film, the subject matter. Give ‘er a watch:



Second place, which was also my second vote, comes from a parody series titled “Vancouvria” (parodying Portlandia, of course). Last night’s submission isn’t on the official YouTube account, and I’d like to link to that account, so here’s the theme song instead:


Last night’s 2nd place submission was their “Put A Flag On It” short, which should be on the account later today. Also, let me know what you think about this series if you watch a few of them… I personally hate Vancouver and have hearty lols in the midst of the series’s portrayals of Portland and Vancouver stereotypes, but maybe it’s just a local thing.


2 Comments on “Attack of the Flix #001”

  1. Thanks for the vote! I also voted for Lover Boy. “Put a flag on it” is up on YouTube now:

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