January 2012 PDXFC Meeting

Last Sunday’s PDX Film Collective meeting was awesome! Sasha, Anthony, and I have been meeting super consistently as a leadership team to delve further and further into what it means to become a nonprofit corporation, and I’m very impressed with how organized we’ve become. In addition to being in the middle of writing bylaws/contacting venues for events/coming up with some great marketing opportunities, we nailed our previous meeting by being prepared and in sync (AKA N’SYNC).

We invited local filmmaker Justin Alpern to give a presentation on the filmmaking workshops he’ll be offering to the Collective in the near future, and he gave a quick 2-point lighting demo/showed a short to further demonstrate that he’s a great guy who knows what he’s doing. Members Ben Mercer and Josh Lunden then showed their short film, “Thieves,” which I still hadn’t seen (though I was on set at one point), and we continued on with the regular meeting. Afterwards, my first film teacher and continued friend Kelley Baker (AKA The Angry Filmmaker) stayed behind for some conversation. The flow and structure of the meeting was a wild success in my opinion, and I’m stoked to be surrounded by so many enthusiastic, fun people (and filmmakers I GUESS).

Went to my friend‘s EDM Sundays at Pioneer Pub afterwards, and I’m glad that Logan and I will be throwing some Failsafe moving parties in that setting on the 22nd and 29th. That’s right, we’ll be having a bit of partytime since we’re moving out of the Molalla shop at the end of the month! Follow us on Facebook ‘n schtuff for deets ‘n all that..!



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