The Failsafe shop is closing..!

Yes, it’s true. Logan and I have decided to close the Failsafe Clothing shop on 614 Molalla, Oregon City because ees jus not riiight. Most of our business comes from vinyl (stickers and heat press shirts), which is all custom and doesn’t require a storefront (or our time at a storefront) to follow through, so we’re packing up at the end of January to go online/in person. So heads up, we’re still up and running, but we’ll be able to give everyone much more quality attention, have more reasonable schedules for ourselves, and offer a larger variety of products (aka colors of vinyl [lol]) to all’a yous guys at the cost of nixing a pretty sweet little setup in Oregon City.

I dunno. I’m excited. I’ll miss the diggety floral vinyl flooring, but it’s been a great year, I’ve picked up some great skills as a designer/colorist/tee dude/vinyl guy, and nothing’s even really over.

So come down to get some stuff at 40% off until we close down at the end of Jan! We may throw some party (/series of parties), too, so follow us on Facebook ‘n stuff for news. Other than that, Happy New Years from Failsafe – we’ll see you soon! And here’re some examps I made as Christmas presents 😀


2 Comments on “The Failsafe shop is closing..!”

  1. […] the 22nd and 29th. That’s right, we’ll be having a bit of partytime since we’re moving out of the Molalla shop at the end of the month! Follow us on Facebook ‘n schtuff for deets […]

  2. […] yeah, it was a fun year. As I’ve said in the past, I learned a lot, we made some sick stuff, and had fun while it lasted, but we’re making the […]

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