It’s my birthday today! Earlier this week, I was reminding myself of how easy it is to just get up and do something you’re procrastinating on and how much better it makes you feel. Way better than “I don’t wanna get upppp and do dattt becuz comfy,” at least. Last night, I was thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, how I always tell myself I’m going to keep up on certain things that I never follow through with (other than the recent big’uns like PDXFC/PIGSquad/Failsafe), and how it’s more a matter of a daily resolution. My bi-annual personal philosophy usually revolves around a concept until I forget about active practice of that concept and start to mill over something else (last I remember, I was pretty interested in “balance”), and I’ve realized how important consistency is of late. Actually, now that I think of it, that concern came to fruition with the initial development of this blog, which not only acts as a sorta personal journal, but also keeps me motivated and consistent when I know that people are seeing my work. I’m glad that all this “daily resolution” talk has been generated as a result.

Anyways, I just thought it was interesting that my trains of thought have been very recently taken over  by something new in the midst of random thoughts about resolutions in conjunction with my birthday. It makes me think that people should make big resolutions on their personal birthday rather than a semi-arbitrary January 1st.  Because today is MY new year!

Anywho, here’re some super quick animations/pictures I made recently!


The first one is the main character from my cartoon “The Story of a Bullet,” and that second one is a before/after of the main character’s sprite from thecatamites’s Space Funeral (I wanted to see what it’d look like if I tweened some of his low FPS stuff). The others are arbitrary lulz.

Hoo hah!



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