Sprites are so funnnnnn

Gawd, I just went back to look at this sprite that I had made awhile ago, AnD it’S JUsT so COoL!
A little while ago, I resolved to make a sprite a day, but I never went through with it (like many other one-a-day activities I’ve sworn I’d do). But gatdam, there’ve been some people in PIGSquad who have been making some outrageously unique and awesome stuff, I see this sprite that I made like TWO years ago, and, like… gatdam. Maybe I should do a sprite every day? Release a sheet of in-action sprites every weekend (oooo ooo, like Paul Robertson does!)? A friend in PIGSquad is organizing Pixel Pushing nights and then having people post their work on the forum, so that’d give me time/motivation to work on some stuff…



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