Breakin’ Point

Whoof, things are getting a little crazy. In addition to prompts from fellow group organizers, I’ve finally run into a lack of immediate events to plan, which means it’s time to start hitting a few things hard.

Logan and I have been talking about revamping the Failsafe storefront to make it a better use of our time for quite awhile now. We’ve got plans for pricing pamphlets and all that kinda stuff so that we can do more work for local businesses, then have store hours for normal sticker cutting and more novelty shirt printing/pressing. We’ll see what happens.

We also just got our new forum with PIGSquad, and the rest of the site’s (re)construction will happen soon after. After that, things like dev teams and providing classes/seminars will become much more possible.

I’ve also had my eye on a project revolving around thecatamites’s “Space Funeral,” and more word on that will come in the near future. Play it if you haven’t already – it’s the best!


One Comment on “Breakin’ Point”

  1. […] As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m pursuing a project revolving around thecatamites’s Space Funeral, and I’m getting closer and closer to making some significant moves on it. Recently, I’ve been having conversations with my friend about what the game will mean in relation to Funeral and how the gameplay will affect that meaning. Here’s an unedited e-mail I sent to him in which I argue with myself over how we should handle the game’s difficulty. I dunno. I thought it might be significant or something. […]

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