December 2011 PIGSquad Meeting

Last night turned out to be a blast – in addition to having our monthly general meeting for PIGSquad, about 12 of us went out for a friend’s birthday afterwards. A majority played DEFCON (part of the current Humble Indie Bundle) while I hung back and played a ROM of Advance Wars 2 (the best one in the series, in my opinion) with anotha partygoer. It was a great cap on the night; I think birthday boy will be hosting bar game nights like that after every PIGSquad meeting in the future.

The meeting had a really good turnout, too. We had 17 people come, talked about our OMSI After Dark experience, revisited some ideas for future events and the forum, and played a game from an out-of-town developer that’s currently in Alpha. I wish I could post video of it here, but I was asked not to… I’ll definitely throw it up if/when we hear word that it’s okay to generate our own little hype around it, though!


One Comment on “December 2011 PIGSquad Meeting”

  1. […] PIGSquad meeting, and we were able to play for awhile when we were through with businessy stuff. I’ve been super stoked on posting video for it, but the game’s unreleased and I was told to hush until the time was […]

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