Dataport 12/2011

I went to December’s Dataport chiptune show last night at the Backspace Cafe and had a great time – Dakota Clark opened and Cheap Dinosaurs/Animal Style closed out after that. In addition to having a good time with friends, I was really blown away by a few aspects of the show… Dakota’s act was very different from what I had seen at Micropalooza this year. Quite a few of the songs in his set focused on building discordance and then resolving quick in a climax every measure, which I was a huuuge fan of. Emotional storytelling through music at its finest. I was pissed that I didn’t get video of his second song specifically, but ah, well. I’ll probably ask him to come play for PIGSquad’s Porkland Chiptune show as Ovenrake come January…

Cheap Dinosaurs and Animal Style put on a great show as well. Their second act featured a glitchnes esque display that I hadn’t seen before, but looks like a New York pulsewavey kinda thing; I was a fan of the “strobe” option. Happened to record the entirety of one of two of my favorite songs of their set:

And yeah, good night. Saw some great music, talked to a lot of good friends, didn’t blow my ears out cuz’a earplugs, and didn’t have to pay for parking. Propz to 2PP, ajumpsbshoots, mechlo, and greightbit!


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