Saw the Longshots at the Tonic Lounge Tonight

Saw my friend Eric play saxy sax at the Tonic Lounge tonight with his band “The Longshots.” They’re really great live – if you’re in or around Eugene/Portland, see them next time they’re in town, and give ’em a like on Facebook in the meantime.

Last time he was in town, Eric and I began working on a sax/accordion duet demo that we plan to put in front of game devs. It’s an odd aesthetic, but something we’re both fans of. I feel like a good sidescroller or point ‘n click could come out of it. Even if a game wasn’t made around dem choons, it’s good to play music with Eric again; we used to play together in highschool in a band called The Chapstick Experiment, which (d)evolved into Dry Lips towards the end of good ol’ band times. We threw stuff on awhile ago, but I’m not sure we have any of our old songs up for free download. You can listen to segments of songs here, at least.


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